For thousands of years people used various instruments as a form of healing, and the practice can have tremendous impact on the mind and body.

In my practice I use crystal bowls, in various sizes, that produce various tones and vibrations, bringing the physical, psychological and spiritual bodies back to harmony. Patterns of sound vibrations create movement and resonance in the energy fields and space surrounding the body.

Relaxation is the first step toward coming back into contact with your body. Physical sensations during sound bath sessions are common. As blocked energy is finally released it begins to move, with resulting pleasure, or strong sensations, especially in the areas of the seven energy centers known as chakras.

Chakras regulate, balance and transform the flow of life energy. Physical and psychological disturbances will result if any of them are either underactive or overactive, and sound bath acts directly on chakras, resulting in a more balanced mind, body and spirit and overall awareness.

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