FAIR is an interpersonal self-help method designed to eliminate emotional “baggage”, through the integration of energy and emotional charge from trauma or any past negative experiences.

The FAIR transformation technique helps with anxiety, fears, phobias, resistance, compulsiveness, weakness, panic attacks, jealousy, aggression, relationship problems, stress, negative thoughts and feelings, unpleasant physical sensations, devastating decisions, limiting beliefs and other content that have a significant impact on our lives.

FAIR is an abbreviation of Free Authentic Integration Release. The method is easy, practical, dignified (without cathartic states or large outbursts of emotion) and confidential (the client may decide not to reveal the topic or problem to be solved).

This technique is used for long-term problems, but also for “emergency interventions“, such as when we are going through a stressful, uncomfortable situation. It can also be used to relieve pain.

This technique is very fast in comparison to classical psychotherapy and gives amazing results in eliminating phobias and other emotional problems.

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