Breathing is the first sign we look for when checking if someone is alive, therefore, Breath means life. By the way we breathe, we can directly influence and regulate our nervous system. Studies have shown that short and fast breathing happens as a result of stress, anxiety, anger or fear.

On the other side, deep, and slow breathing is reducing the feeling of those emotions, slowing down the heart rate. It has so many benefits, but just to mention a few: Slow, deep, and steady breathing will allow your body to take in more oxygen, blood will become more alkaline, and ultimately signal to the brain to wind down. It also helps to balance hormones – lowering down cortisol levels and increasing endorphin rush in the body. Immune and digestion systems are also affected in a good way. 

Intense Breathwork class is a very powerful tool that I like to use, it helps to release trauma, or blocked emotions, which we are often unaware of. It reduces stress, creates feelings of openness, love, peace, gratitude, clarity, and connection.